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We're a husband and wife IT consulting company located in Podgorica, Montenegro with 20 years of experience. We specialize in providing customized software for small and medium businesses to help them do things faster, smarter, and with their own workflow.

If you like to do things your own way instead of just doing what the computer tells you to do, then please contact us from the methods below and see if we can make things work for you. Of course, if you just want to look at some cute shiba icons that we've collected from across the internet, then you can click here


This website has no ads, no trackers, and nothing that would compromise your identity outside of your normal login information. We do not sell your data to other companies. We do not allow illegal or false information. We try to keep everything nice and family friendly so that people of all ages and cultures may come together and benefit from each other's talents and experiences.

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To get in touch for a free consultation about any problem that you might have, please use the following